Fresh Perspective

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” — Dr. Wayne Dyer

Love Note to Louisiana

  Dear Louisiana: I love you, I’ll miss you.  À la prochaine. In spite of the fact that I’ve moved about 13 times in the past 13 years, I recognize that the part where you actually have to say goodbye never really gets all that much easier. It is such a bittersweet experience and I […]

Tempering Transition through Wisdom and Wit

Question: What should I be focusing on in order to make this time of transition more manageable and most successful? The title alone is of immediate value with this card but I also love that no matter how many times I draw the same card, I am always able to see it through the fresh […]

Island – Solitude

Recently I’ve been engaging in a Daily Draw practice with my various methods of divination and I’ve been feeling urged to share some of my experience. This is my first entry to that effect and it is based on the following card that I pulled one night during my daily practice. At first feel, this […]

Reiki Healing Energy Upgrade: Holy Fire II

Reiki is a traditional Japanese method for connecting with the healing power of Source energy which was originally developed and taught by Master Usui in Japan.  Part of Usui’s understanding of Reiki was that it would continue to develop and evolve along with the collective consciousness over time.   The Holy Fire II Upgrade not […]

Fear of Greatness

Many of us have heard about (and many more have felt) the chilling grip of fear when it comes to letting go of what’s safe and moving toward something more daring.  We call it fear of failure and it is an insanely common experience – but what about the fear of greatness? Social norms dictate […]

NEW Online Scheduling and Payment Options

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I am now offering ONLINE SCHEDULING & PAYMENT OPTIONS for in-person and phone sessions as well as for trainings!  You can even purchase a gift card –perfect for the holidays or any other special gift!! Links to this online schedule are scattered all over this website and they […]

The Dark Side

What is it about the darkness that is so frightening yet alluring?  It seems to hold some element of potential danger of entrapment while also offering a highly desirous sense of freedom from the boundaries of this illusion which we call life.  For me, Darkness is like a home that I know was once mine […]

Musings from Meditation: Deep Sea Diving

​I went real deep, like swimming in an ocean of the collective consciousness and was seeing all kinds of lights and colors and what looked like figures and I was told to open my eyes.  This happened several times throughout the meditation where I would end up with my eyes closed for a while and […]

Wolf at the Door

I recently attended a 2-day event with a very close friend of mine where we heard some amazing stories and learned some very special meditation techniques from a woman named Suzanne Giesemann.  Suzanne is a retired Naval Commander who now practices as an Evidential Medium.  She has an incredible story and a lot of Love […]