Weddings & Ceremonies


Ceremonies and rituals are one of the most fundamental aspects of our nature as social creatures.  These experiences serve to draw us nearer to our friends and relatives as well as to the invisible part of ourselves that so often lingers just below the surface of our day-to-day lives.  When it comes to celebrating life’s most important transitions and achievements it is important that we do so with great care and reverence.

As an ordained minister, it is my greatest honor to provide my services as a wedding officiant as well as to perform various other ceremonies such as blessings, renewal of vows, hand-fastings, funerals, baptisms, spiritual cleansing of spaces, etc.

Each ceremony is carefully designed to be unique and in appropriate alignment with the belief systems and cultural background of each client.

Having studied a variety of cultural, spiritual and religious traditions for over 15 years, I take great pleasure in seeking out and providing the most individualized experience possible and am happy to work with clients who associate with any denomination (or non-denomination).

If you would like to learn more about my ceremonial services, please reach out to me at