Spiritual Healing and Counseling

Caroline is an ordained Associate Spiritualist Minister in affiliation with Fellowships of the Spirit.  She provides her services as a Spiritual Healer and Counselor and is deeply motivated to help you along your spiritual path no matter where you are starting from at this moment. 

Caroline believes that we all have a spiritual aspect as part of our humanity just as we have physical, mental, and emotional aspects.  Although this spiritual aspect is is an intrinsic piece of our multi-dimensional human selves, the concept of spirituality can be defined in so many different and truly individualized ways.  At the end of the day, it all comes down to whatever makes you aware of what Caroline likes to call the “Invisible You” in relation to the “Invisible All”. 

More than anything, Caroline would love to help you find your way along your spiritual path through a Transformational Wellness Session.

Transformational Wellness Sessions are customized to meet the needs of each person. Each session begins with a meditative experience of spiritual and energetic healing followed by a discussion portion wherein Caroline will offer and unpack any messages or other information received through spiritual and/or psychic communication.

Caroline’s experience of spiritual communication comes from connection with what she refers to as the “Invisible You” and the “Invisible All.” Each session is different in terms of what comes up or who comes forward to communicate and Caroline prefers to leave the door open for Spirit to decide what is most beneficial for you on any given day. While Caroline does often hear from specific loved ones who have crossed over into Spirit, she also frequently receives messages from your higher self, your guides/teachers, or from “Spirit” as a general source of wisdom and guidance.