Spiritual Advising and Divination

Caroline Lee Dewey is an ordained Minister who has experience studying and working with a variety of spiritual, religious, and cultural backgrounds.    She enjoys offering her services as a spiritual advisor and as an officiant for weddings and other ceremonies.

As someone who has been curious about religion and spirituality for her entire life, Caroline has had the opportunity to collect a vast wealth of knowledge in this area.  She was raised as a Presbyterian and while she loved her church and the things she was learning there, she was always hungry for more.  She began exploring other religions as early as 7 years old through invitations she received to engage in traditions with family friends in her local area.  From that moment forward, she was enthralled by the richness and sheer variety of cultural traditions and customs that she came to discover.  She continued exploring varieties of Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism during high school and delved more deeply into comparative world religions and anthropology throughout her undergraduate career.

In 2007 she was given the incredible opportunity to travel to Tibet to study the history and culture surrounding Buddhist Religion and Art.  This was an absolutely incredible journey which continued to feed her unending curiosity about spirituality and the role it plays in the lives of people across time and space.  In tandem with her ongoing study of religion and culture, Caroline began studying psychology at an early age as well.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Long Island University — Brooklyn Campus and later went on to complete her Master of Social Work Degree through the Global Social Work program at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA.  Caroline received her ordination in 2013, between completing her undergraduate and graduate education programs.  During that time, she was also trained and certified as a Yoga and Meditation Instructor as well as a Holy Fire Reiki Master.

Throughout these many years of in-depth study and continuous exploration, Caroline has developed a variety of tools and resources which she enjoys using in her process as a Spiritual Advisor.  Much of this practice revolves around helping people to develop and carry out their uniquely designed spiritual practices, ceremonies, and traditions.  Spiritual Advisement sessions can be helpful for answering some of life’s most pressing questions.  Fortunately, the reality is that the answers to any questions one has are already just waiting there within them, Caroline’s major focus is in helping each individual to gain access to those unseen areas of their spirit.

In addition to accessing wisdom and intuition from one’s spirit directly, Caroline also enjoys utilizing a variety of divination tools for those who are interested in communicating with the unseen through the language of symbols and feelings.   These tools may include Rune Stones, Tarot, Spirit Guide Oracle Cards, Earth Magic Oracle Cards, and/or the traditional Chinese I Ching.  Caroline also has experience with analyzing dream symbolism and finds this to be one of the most efficient methods for connecting with one’s own higher consciousness.