Holy Fire Reiki – Level 2

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Holy Fire Reiki Level 2 Training

In the Holy Fire Reiki Level 2 Training you can expect to:

  1. Get to know one another and explore the different reasons for choosing to practice Reiki
  2. Learn about the first 3 Reiki symbols
    1. power symbol
    2. mental-emotional balance symbol
    3. distant healing symbol
  3. Share in group meditations and reflections
  4. Learn to draw the Reiki symbols correctly
  5. Receive Reiki II Attunement (initiating your ability to use the three symbols in your Reiki practice)
  6. Learn how to conduct a complete Reiki treatment with symbols
  7. Learn additional techniques for Reiki treatment sessions
    1. Koki-ho (using breath and symbols for treatment of a specific problem)
    2. Gyoshi-ho (method for sending Reiki with the eyes)
    3. Jacki-Kiri Joka-ho (method for releasing negative energy from objects)
    4. Enkaku Chiryo (method for sending Reiki across distance)
    5. “Teddy Bear Technique” (method for using an object to symbolize the receivers body for a distant Reiki session
  8. Practice what you’ve learned on other group members
  9. Pick a partner from the group to practice sending distant Reiki with
  10. Discuss what is involved in having your own Reiki Practice (code of conduct and standards of practice, use of client release forms, treatment records, general liability insurance, appropriate fees, etc.)

*Must have proof of completion for Reiki Level I training
**Must have handbook, “Reiki The Healing Touch” by William Lee Rand (Caroline will purchase for you if you don’t already have it.)


Please go to our “News and Events” page for info onĀ upcoming classes

Feel free to contact Caroline if you would like to register or are interested in arranging for training outside of her already scheduled classes.

Email any time with any other questions or comments: goodcommon@gmail.com

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