Mission Statement

I believe each individual has the ability to heal themselves and that all living beings need support in their process.  A large part of my practice is in holding the space for you to discover whatever it is that is holding you back, communicate openly about it, and then move beyond it in order to feel free.

We all experience stress on a daily basis and most of us do not take the time to truly rest and release the buildup of physical, mental, or emotional tension.  The space that I provide allows your mind-body consciousness to let go of these minor issues as well as the dis-ease that results from letting stress build up for too long.

I do not ever lay claim to healing or “fixing” anyone with any sort of magical powers but I have often experienced miraculous transformations when assisting clients in their process of healing themselves. The most important aspect of the process is our shared intention of wanting you to feel better and experience Freedom.

By removing our ego from this process and allowing for the inexplicable to occur, we are often able to see, feel, or intuit the imbalances in your mind-body system.  If you are then willing to face your fears, doubts, physical pain, and/or mental and emotional suffering from past or present; the techniques and gifts that we have been given can assist you in the release of suffering.

I believe that everything is made of light energy information.  When we fix our attention on parts of that information and define it as pain, illness, imbalance or a problem of any kind; our consciousness then becomes attached to it and therefore limits it’s potential for change.  I believe that all of our suffering is meant to teach us something, but once that lesson has been learned we can be free to let go and move back towards a state of balance.

My mission is to hold the space for you to release your stress and to offer you all of the knowledge, insights, and techniques that are made available to us throughout the process.

Due to the fact that my practices operate primarily in the fields of consciousness and non-physical energy, distance healing can be a very effective when conducted via phone or Zoom video call.

I enjoy working with people of all ages, racial/ethnic backgrounds, sexes and sexual preferences, as well as with those who identify with any and all religious or non-religious affiliations.  I also LOVE to work with animals!


  1. Hi my name is Johnny and I’m interested in looking for a reiki master to start training Reiki I/II. I looked on the International Center for Reiki Training and you were listed. I was wondering if you were giving any training and if not would you be in the near future. any reply is greatly appreciated

    • Hi Johnny,
      Thank you for reaching out regarding your interest in Reiki Training. I do not currently have any group trainings scheduled for Reiki in particular but I do have an in-person training coming up on spiritual and energetic healing in October and am working on getting some online courses in the works for Reiki and other topics as well. I’m also available for individualized training via telephone/zoom sessions and you can email me directly at carolineleedewey@gmail.com if you are interested in more information on that. Looking forward to connecting with you!
      Be Good,
      Caroline Lee Dewey

  2. You are a gift to the world with you compassion and offering to guide those who seek more. You have my messages and you can find me in Linkedin. I welcome an appropriate connection. Maybe you can help guide me. Not sure. And maybe we guideceach other! Chuck Schuller. Blessings to you.

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