Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation

Caroline is a Certified Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Instructor with a primary focus in youth and family-centered practices.

She provides a fun and engaging experience for children and adults of all ages.  Based on her various areas of study, in addition to her teacher training with Little Flower Yoga, Caroline appreciates the importance of staying in touch with one’s playful and adventurous inner child.  She has been certified to instruct a dynamic process of learning and exploration through various mindfulness practices, yoga poses, inspiring discussion topics, as well as community-building activities.

Her focus in teaching yoga and mindfulness embraces a holistic approach to health and wellness and she believes that these teachings and activities can be advantageous for people of all ages.  Yoga and Mindfulness practices can be very therapeutic for anyone who is managing emotional, mental, or physical difficulties in addition to the challenging effects of everyday stress.

The key elements of this approach are to improve our ability to focus, breathe mindfully, connect with ourselves as well as others, move our bodies with intention, and (of course) to relax.

Caroline is available for:

  • private one-on-one sessions
  • small group sessions
  • parent+child sessions
  • group classes
  • school-based instruction
  • private events (Great for birthday parties or Team Building activities)

Cost may vary for groups according to number of participants, length of classes, and locations.

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Please contact Caroline with questions at:

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