Phone/Video Chat Sessions

Remote sessions is by far one of the most profound and fulfilling aspects of the work that I do. Being able to connect with people all over the world and helping them to explore and expand their healing process is absolutely incredible!

What is it?

Remote sessions offer a revitalizing and transformative experience right from the comfort of your own home or office.

These sessions are actually no different than other sessions except that they are done across distance for your convenience.

What Makes it Special?

People often have an even more profound experience with remote sessions because they are better able to move into a state of relaxation while in the safety and comfort of their own homes.

This allows them to travel further into the subconscious in order to explore sensation and perception as well as what lies beyond the physical experience.

In addition, people are often amazed at how we could be sharing in such deeply meaningful and connective experience while not even in the same room/state/country!

How Does Remote Spiritual/Energetic Healing Work?

Due to the fact that energetic and spiritual healing techniques do not operate within the confines of the natural laws of time and space, there is actually no need for us to be in the same physical space to do this work.

This is the same reason why an in-person session doesn’t necessarily involve a lot of physical touch, its all about energy!

A distant healing session has 3 parts:

  1. First we connect over the phone to check in and answer any questions you may have or areas of focus you want to work on during the session.
  2. I’ll ask you to find a quiet and comfortable spot to go sit or lay down and relax while I connect with you via energetic frequencies, sending and receiving information related to your healing process.
  3. We reconnect over the phone to discuss the overall experience and explore the deeper meanings of any sensations and perceptions that we received throughout the session.

(Video Chat Sessions are also available upon request.)