Butterfly Kisses from the Third Eye

Often times, in my experience, people who are receiving Reiki for the first time often have a more mild response and experience with it.  They certainly may see and feel things throughout the process, but often times they don’t feel much aside from being very relaxed.  When this happens, my own experience is often relatively mild […]

Fire and Ice

  I have a client who I recently did a yoga class with and, after I finished my instruction, I had her lay in Savasana so that I could walk her through a body-scan meditation.  Once the meditation was complete I asked her to continue laying comfortably and I began the Reiki session from there. […]

My Own Reiki Story – Part I

My Reiki Story Part I Allow me to start by saying that I have been a bit of a “weirdo” for all of my life, having extremely strange experiences from a very early age, some of which I shared with my family and many others which I kept hidden for a long time.   I […]

Cherry Chapstick

One of my clients is a young professional who I have developed a strong spiritual and personal connection with over time.  Before one of our first Reiki sessions she had expressed some concern to me about a pain which seems to originate in her right hip and also flares up in her right elbow and […]

White and Colored Lights

Part of what I want to do here with these stories is to give people a clearer idea about what happens when we do Reiki; what kinds of experiences people have and how much those experiences vary, not only from person to person but also from one session to the next.  It’s important that we […]

Reiki Stories – At the Dentist!

I want to start using this blog as a space to share stories about Reiki. Not only my own stories but also the ones that I hear from others along the way. If you have a Reiki Story that you’d like me to share on my page, please feel free to email me at: goodcommon@gmail.com […]