Love Note to Louisiana



Dear Louisiana:

I love you, I’ll miss you.  À la prochaine.

In spite of the fact that I’ve moved about 13 times in the past 13 years, I recognize that the part where you actually have to say goodbye never really gets all that much easier.

It is such a bittersweet experience and I wanted to express my gratitude towards this place and it’s people before I go. The idea of moving on to my next big adventure is very exciting but the idea of distancing myself from the roots I’ve put down here is also very sad.

Throughout my life I’ve always felt that I’ve been called to move on to new places as part of my process in offering my gifts to the world as well as for my own personal and professional growth. In the past, whenever that call came, I always just packed up my things and went on to the next place without hardly looking back.  This has never been easy but it feels especially difficult now because it is not just my friends that I’m leaving from Louisiana, I’ve also developed a greater sense of community with my clients, my colleagues, my students, and my tribe in this area as well.


So much of my professional development has happened at a quickening pace over the past four years and I have really grown to love Louisiana as well as the people I’ve come to know here. I have so much gratitude for the hospitality, kindness and encouragement that people have shown me and I hope to remain connected with this community even across distance.  Louisiana is such an interesting place with it’s ever-deepening richness in cultural diversity and history. The cuisine alone is enough to keep one fully entranced and stuck here forever but the incredible devotion to the arts and to the community is just as amazingly inviting and uplifting.

Did you know that some people believe you are living in the Root Chakra of the United States? This makes sense in terms of New Orleans being so far south geographically as well as a major landmark for the beginning of US history. Being at the energetic root here in Louisiana is of major importance for us as a country and we must heal here if we are going to be able to heal overall. I’ve learned so much more about energy and healing since I’ve been here and I strongly encourage you all to remain engaged in the lifelong process of personal, local, and global transformation towards wellness and wholeness.  –And I’d love to help you stay active in that process even while I’m away…


I came here searching for a place where I could openly explore my own spiritual and energetic gifts and well-being and to share my learning with others. I have been overwhelmed by the supportive and welcoming response that I have received and I’ve developed so much more knowledge and confidence through this experience.  With this deeply rooted conviction, I feel ready to venture out into the world again to begin delivering my services on a wider scale. My intention is to settle down on the East Coast and then to travel with my teachings and my services so that I may offer sessions and workshops across distance as well as in-person for a variety of venues around the U.S. and the world.

I hope that those of you who have come to know me here in Louisiana will remain connected with me while I’m away and I’ll look forward to seeing you all when I make trips back down to visit, teach, and offer my services.

Please feel free to reach out and stay connected with me on my Facebook page as I continue my journey.  I am heartbroken at the thought of packing up my office at The Healing House this week and saying goodbye to the family I’ve built around that space. But I am also really excited to continue offering my services and my guidance to you all from a distance.  If you’re interested in reading more about Distant Healing Sessions or if you’d like to go ahead and schedule with me you can use the following link: Distant Healing

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So much Love to you all…


Be Good,

Caroline Lee Dewey

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