Tempering Transition through Wisdom and Wit

Question: What should I be focusing on in order to make this time of transition more manageable and most successful?

The title alone is of immediate value with this card but I also love that no matter how many times I draw the same card, I am always able to see it through the fresh eyes of my current question or situation.

This transition is set to be an interesting one indeed, probably the biggest one of my life thus far, full of great promise and full of many unknowns. I’m excited to see where it takes me but I also have some questions about how to “stay on the path” throughout the process.

Naturally, Temperance hits the nail on the head when it comes to maintaining a steady course. This card suggests that we need to look carefully at contrasting aspects of life and to use that point of reference to better our position. This makes perfect sense to me because, while I do have great faith in my future and my ability to do well as I step out on my own in a whole new way, there are of course some risks associated with my chosen path. The key here will be to let that deepening faith lead the way while using that rational mind –that fearful risk-assessor– to help me make informed decisions along the way.

Temperance is all about getting into a place of clarity and willingness to engage with your “life’s work.” Matching the personal will with the Divine will is the best way to guarantee success in any endeavor and there’s really only one good way to do that. We’ve simply got to make contact! This is the time to open up the channels for communication to flow, ask for guidance and then watch for it, we should sit in the stillness as often as we can.

The Five Swords speaks directly to the process of development, growth, transformation, and healing over time. This was a really interesting draw for me because it speaks directly to my ongoing process of sifting through, sorting out, and clearing out the clutter of my past.

As a writer, the majority of my “stuff” has accumulated in the form of books and papers. I’ve got sacks of notebooks that are filled with scribblings and poems and stories from my strange and mysterious past. Going through these writings of mine has been somewhat eerie and at times a painful experience for me. I went through a lot to get where I am now and in some ways I feel a lot of distance between myself and my past because of how different my reality is today. But when I read them I get so moved by them and I feel such compassion for that younger version of myself who was so tortured for so long by things she truly did not understand. Sometimes I wonder if it’s bad for me to keep some of these writings hanging around but the Five Swords explained very clearly why it’s very important that I do.

This card shows the progression of a person who goes from a state of desperation with head-in-hands at the water’s edge to gathering and developing knowledge and skills of the mind (swords). It shows the imortance of being able to look back and see where you came from and to use this new perspective to keep yourself moving forward. It shows that we can find a way to use our wisdom and experience as a means for healing.

This really hit home for me because that is exactly what I do with these stories of my past — and not only do I use them for the purpose of acknowledging healing within myself but also for my clients and for my loved ones as well.

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