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Recently I’ve been engaging in a Daily Draw practice with my various methods of divination and I’ve been feeling urged to share some of my experience. This is my first entry to that effect and it is based on the following card that I pulled one night during my daily practice.

At first feel, this image reminds me of Hawaii. More specifically, my mother has a beautiful painting of a jacaranda tree from Hawaii and it gives me just the same feeling as this card. The words that come up for me are things like mystical, spacious, darkness, beauty, transcendence, and deep. It also gives me a sense of alone, growth, beauty, ascension, and journeying inward.

On further study, I find that it points to nourishment for the soul -the need for silence and solitude. Overstimulation can begin to drag us down when we forget to take breaks from time to time. Good use of silent solitude is as simple as playing observer to the thoughts and feelings that arise and then choosing to let them go. There is a marked difference between isolation and solitude.

My reflection here is immediate, it takes me no time at all to admit that I am largely influenced by sensory-overload on a regular basis and I often forget how important it is for me to just stop and just be for a minute. Of course, the difference between solitude and isolation is also something I’ve struggled with for my whole life.

I used to fear isolation and avoid it at all costs because of the fear that so often ensued when I was alone. And then at some point things changed and I began to crave solitude instead. Not all of the time, of course, but it mostly lead to that sense of craving because I felt I couldn’t (or shouldn’t) have it. Most people don’t much like the idea of being alone and often seem to get offended by those of us who do.

What role does the concept of craving/addiction play in our desire to be alone and in connection with that deeper part of ourselves and our connection with Spirit? (This is, perhaps, a question better suited to an entire conversation of its own for a separate entry…)

For now, I want only to say that I believe that solitude is good for us. And not just good, but also important. It helps us to know who we are.

Here’s what I want to know…

What role has solitude played in your healing process? Have you struggled with the experience of isolation? Have you had positive experiences of solitude?

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