Reiki Healing Energy Upgrade: Holy Fire II


Reiki is a traditional Japanese method for connecting with the healing power of Source energy which was originally developed and taught by Master Usui in Japan.  Part of Usui’s understanding of Reiki was that it would continue to develop and evolve along with the collective consciousness over time.


The Holy Fire II Upgrade not only increases the intensity and the efficiency of the Healing Energy that Reiki provides, it also changes the way we initiate students into their connection with Spiritually Guided Healing Energy.

How does it Change the Healing Effects of Reiki?

  • This Upgraded Energy has been reported as “brighter, more effective, and provides a more uplifting experience” overall.
  • In my own experience, it has also enhanced my connection with Spirit and increased the intuitive aspect of my Healing process.

What’s different about the new initiation process for Reiki training?

  • In the past, during the initiation process, the instructor guided students through a very specific meditative experience. In the new version, the instructor only guides a piece of the process and then allows for Spirit to take over and guide the majority of the initiation experience during the meditation.
  • This allows for each individual student to have a unique and extraordinary experience of their own while building their relationship with Spirit for the purpose of Healing.

Who is William Lee Rand and how did he develop the Holy Fire II Reiki Upgrade?

  • William Lee Rand is a Senior Reiki Master who traveled the world many years ago to study with the oldest living Reiki Masters in the Usui line and has continued this process of development for Reiki throughout his career.  He is a world leader in Reiki and many (if not most) Reiki Masters today come from his lineage of training.
  • He has created the following organizations for the continued development of Reiki throughout the world:
  • In 2013, William Lee Rand received initiation into Holy Fire Reiki during one of his meditations just a few months before I received my Reiki Master Training from him in Glastonbury, England.  In 2015 he received further guidance from his spirit guides to receive and begin working with the Holy Fire II Reiki Upgrade.


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