Fear of Greatness


Many of us have heard about (and many more have felt) the chilling grip of fear when it comes to letting go of what’s safe and moving toward something more daring.  We call it fear of failure and it is an insanely common experience – but what about the fear of greatness?

Social norms dictate that we should have to work extremely hard in order to be successful and that even then we should still be working ourselves to the bone in order to maintain it.  When the possibility of success is so well matched against the fear of failure it seems sort of obvious that it might only lead to sheer exhaustion, grief and more doubt.  I mean really, why even bother?

The truth is, this endless cycle of negative beliefs will do nothing more than keep us stuck in fear and suffering. The good news is that working ourselves to death is not the only way to success but while the alternatives are relatively simple, they aren’t necessarily easy.  It takes perseverance and we must gather ourselves in such a way to be bolstered by some sort of hope or faith in order to pull us out of the negativity just long enough to see some results.  So what can we do if we’re willing to face our fears?

Here are some proven ways to turn towards a brighter future:

  1. Express gratitude for everything you’ve got
  2. Engage your imagination, be playful in exploring what you want to experience
  3. Set goals for yourself based on how you want to feel when you reach them
  4. Open your heart and bring more presence to everything you do
  5. Communicate your goals to someone who you trust will support you
  6. Visualize your future as you intend it to be and keep an eye out for opportunities
  7. Have faith and focus on feeling the way you will feel when you reach your goals


What gets in the way of you trying to do this for yourself?

Which of these things have you tried to introduce into your own life?

What kinds of results have you had from experimenting with this?

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