The Dark Side

What is it about the darkness that is so frightening yet alluring?  It seems to hold some element of potential danger of entrapment while also offering a highly desirous sense of freedom from the boundaries of this illusion which we call life. 

For me, Darkness is like a home that I know was once mine but that I am somehow afraid to return to.  And sometimes I wonder, is the fear truly connected to some kind of actual threat? Or am I just afraid that if I do go inside, I may never want to come out again?

There are definitely also certain people in my life who I associate with darkness. But not because I see them as evil or bad, not at all.  Its more like seeing them as deeply connected to the unseen worlds, much in the same way that I have learned to see my own dark side.  It is not just darkness, it is depth.    

Just as the negative and positive aspects of yin and yang should not necessarily be associated with bad and good, the same should hold for the darkness and the light.

At times I find myself craving the company and attention of these people.  What makes it most interesting is that some of them are not actually as aware of, or maybe just not as open to, the darkness that I see in them. Or perhaps at least not in the way that I see it –that is, as a spiritual gift.  

Spiritual interests and understandings are generally not something that you can force on others.  Well, that’s just completely untrue, but what I mean to say is that I have no intention of doing that. But I do believe that part of why I am here is to assist others along the way in their own spiritual journeys. 

Sometimes I wonder if that accounts for a piece of that attraction between myself and these others whose dark sides also shine.  Perhaps there is some unspoken soul-level agreement which binds us in this lifetime and we are supposed to assist one another in some way.  

With this spiritual shift now upon us, I wonder if they are waking up to a special purpose and I am being drawn back towards them because we are meant to work together in some new way. Perhaps they are beginning to access more of that darkness within themselves now and will need my assistance to understand it and move towards it. 

And maybe the aforementioned threat would not actually come from the darkness itself. Instead it might come from someone who wishes we would never wake up to the truths which have been hidden for so long behind the veil of this material world that we live in.

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