Wolf at the Door

I recently attended a 2-day event with a very close friend of mine where we heard some amazing stories and learned some very special meditation techniques from a woman named Suzanne Giesemann.  Suzanne is a retired Naval Commander who now practices as an Evidential Medium.  She has an incredible story and a lot of Love to share and I really enjoyed meeting with her.  If you are curious to learn more about her, I would strongly recommend that you read her books  (especially Messages of Hope) and/or visit her website: www.suzannegiesemann.com.

What is an Evidential Medium?
A Medium is a person who expands their consciousness to the degree that they can receive information from beyond the veil.  Simply put, a medium can communicate with those in the spirit realm [God(s), angels, guides, and people who have passed away].  An Evidential Medium is one who puts particular focus on receiving specific details which can be validated not only by other people/documents/phenomena but through scientific research procedures as well.  One researcher with whom she works is Gary Schwartz – you can learn more about his work by clicking here.

This was a very interesting experience for me for many reasons, but mostly because within the past several years I have come to discover that I am what some would refer to as a Natural Born Medium.  This means that whereas other (Latent) Mediums, such as Suzanne, have come to discover and enhance their abilities after years of living a “normal life”; I have actually been experiencing strange phenomena for as long as I can remember.

Of course, this should not at all suggest that a Natural Born Medium is in any way “better” than a Latent Medium.  In fact, Suzanne has had way more training than I have and is actually much better equipped at contacting spirit at a moments notice than I am.   The difference is really that it is all happening to me whereas she has learned how to make it happen for her; which I find extremely impressive. 

One of my biggest struggles with attending this kind of training was rooted in the concept of having to do these things “on command” which is so different than the way they have always just presented themselves to me throughout my life.  I was very skeptical of my ability to connect with spirit in this way, particularly because I’ve had some training in the past and didn’t gain much from it, but Suzanne is an amazing teacher.  She provided some very simple methods and techniques which have already helped me to see new results in learning to control my special abilities.  I used to think of these “abilities” as a wolf at the door just waiting to take me away.  I experienced them as a curse, constantly interrupting my life and making me feel so different and separate from most people.  Suzanne has rekindled in me the idea that these abilities are a gift and that I can learn to put them to good use not only to benefit others but also to benefit myself.

Now that I’ve got this newfound sense of freedom to explore the things I used to fear most about myself, I am hoping to begin sharing more of my stories with you all in an effort to support other sensitives out there and educate the “normal” folks as well.

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