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We have been having such a great turn-out at the fairs we’ve been attending at the Metaphysical Resource Center in Metairie, LA.  We usually work the 20 minute sessions (at $20 each) during the fair from 12pm to 6pm on the fourth Saturday of every month.

Last month we were there for the full six hours and we saw TEN clients in one day!  We had a great time and got to meet a lot of new people whom we are looking forward to working with more in the future.  We were able to share Matrix Energetics, Rayid Iris Interpretation, AND Holy Fire Reiki with most of them.  It’s such an interesting process to watch what comes up when each person enters the room and we are always shocked by how much ground we are able to cover with each person in just 20 minutes!

We had a woman who came in because has been suffering with a lot of back problems for several years now, I did some Holy Fire Reiki on her back and when she got up she said “oh that heating pad felt so nice!”  — she could not believe that it was just my hands!!
During the Matrix portion she said that she thought her back trouble had started in her thirties but we were both really curious about our sense of something that happened when she was sixteen. She insisted though that everything was great back then and couldn’t recall anything related to her back trouble.  Then, about an hour after hour session, she came back to the room very excited and said, “I just had to tell you!  When I went back out there and told my friend about our session she reminded me that when I was sixteen I broke my tailbone!!”  –How amazing that we picked up on it and even SHE didn’t remember it at first!  She also said she was going around telling everyone “That girl is on fire!!!”

We had a lot of fun and good laughs that day!  Sometimes our session can be rather intensely emotional for people, but a lot of the time we also laugh and joke and make light of things.  I have always believed this is a big part of the healing process, knowing how to feel strongly about things but also how to keep a good sense of humor about life.

And then!  Yesterday morning we got called in to work the fair because someone else had cancelled their spot, so we had another great day!  We weren’t there for the full 6 hours this time and didn’t have much time to advertise but we still got to see FIVE people and were able to share some really interesting sessions with some wonderful folks.

And we will be there next weekend (July25th) for our usual appearance!  Come see us at 1708 Lake Avenue in Metairie, LA. 12pm-6pm!

In the past few weeks I have been meeting more and more people who are interested in learning to practice Reiki –and this makes me SO excited!  I am always trying to introduce people to the concepts and benefits of Reiki practice, even just as a method self-care and it really lights me up to see people who are looking to get involved.  I am currently participating in a Reiki Research Study in conjunction with Harvard University and the International Center for Reiki Training and am so excited to be gathering evidence to support such an amazing practice!  Of course I am also looking forward to continuing teaching Reiki and will soon be setting up dates for my next group of students in the fall.

Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about Holy Fire Reiki or any of the other methods we use in assisting our clients to improve their quality of life.  And you can visit our News and Events page to get more details on the fairs if you are interested in attending or setting up a private session with one or both of us!
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