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Last May I attended a Reiki Master Training in Glastonbury England.  This was not just any retreat center or any old Reiki Master Training. We were attuned to a new type of Reiki that has only been discovered in the past year and has become a very powerful asset.  Holy Fire Reiki operates continuously and instantaneously in a way that truly enhances the ability for Reiki to heal its recipients.

My personal experience with Holy Fire has been empowering and awe inspiring in a lot of ways.  More people seem to naturally open up to me about physical, mental, and spiritual problems that they are facing these days.  And when they do so, I feel warmth spreading through my hands and sometimes my whole body as Holy Fire calls out to me and wants to get involved.  It is pretty funny to be honest, how excited this energy seems to become, at times before the person even mentions the issues they’re facing, some people just walk into the room and I already feel my hands burning up.

It also works instantaneously so that, particularly when i do my own self practice, I can use it in a more practical manner throughout the day.   When I bump my knee or pull a muscle, whatever starts hurting, I can use Reiki right away to help prevent bruising or strain.  I also use Reiki to give me energy when I’m tired, or if I see someone else struggling to open a jar or something, I can send Reiki immediately to help them.  Holy Fire provides mental clarity and emotional stability in times of stress or high performance activity.

Holy Fire has also enhanced my intuitive abilities, so that I sometimes know about things before they happen or before they are told to me by others.  I can sense into other people’s pain when I come near them at times and its very interesting to notice the difference between when I’m feeling my own pain and the pain of others.    Holy Fire has increased my ability to trust in connection with my spirituality and to understand more about the role that it plays in my day-to-day life.

I highly recommend that if you are interested in learning Reiki, that you pursue this new Usui – Holy Fire development.  Please feel free to comment or contact me personally if you have any questions!


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