Butterfly Kisses from the Third Eye

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Often times, in my experience, people who are receiving Reiki for the first time often have a more mild response and experience with it.  They certainly may see and feel things throughout the process, but often times they don’t feel much aside from being very relaxed.  When this happens, my own experience is often relatively mild as well; and if they or I do feel things it is usually concentrated to one particular area of the body and it is generally somewhat subdued as I would imagine their energetic and physical bodies are simply easing their way into opening up to the process.

I recently started with a new client and it was her first time receiving Reiki when I saw her but, in this case, the both of us had a very intense experience from start to finish.   At the Crown (7th) Chakra I was already experiencing strong sensations of heat and powerful energy tingling into my hands and up my arms.  There was a purple mist that was moving and expanding behind my eyelids,  I could feel the way it correlated with the energy running up and into to my arms.

When moving to the 6th Chakra I was guided to place one hand across her forehead which is not the traditional hand position for this spot but I always go with my guidance.  After just a few moments of being here, I began to feel a very unique sensation which I have not experienced in Reiki sessions before.  Do you know how it feels when you cover someones eyes and then they open them slowly and you can feel their eyelashes combing softly across your skin?  It was just like that, only my hand was on her forehead and it was as if her third eye was gently fluttering, giving butterfly kisses to the palm of my hand.

At this point I also noticed that the colors in my mind’s eye were changing, the swirling purple mist was still there from before but now it was only on the left side of my sight.  In the center there was a firm barrier it seemed, created by the solidity of the right side which was slowly shifting from black to a very deep blue.  It was almost as if this twirling violet mist of spiritual enlightenment from the crown was trying to mix with the dense indigo aspect of the intuitive third eye but it was still only in the process of opening to receiving.


Once I reached the 5th Chakra with my hands in positions around her shoulders, jaw and throat; I was feeling an even more intense amount of heat that seemed to be flowing through my hands and all the way down through her feet.  I had a tingling in both hands but it was much stronger and more concentrated in my left hand, it was as if there was something creating a blockage there and I could see it as a fiery yellow-orange ball.  It was creating pressure in my hand and I was also swallowing repeatedly because I felt something stuck in my throat (not so much like choking but almost like a lump of something that I wanted to wash down with water).  It was clear to me from the sensations and symbolism that her throat Chakra was very active, particularly in the sense that she is an outspoken person in terms of her attitudes and beliefs.  But that perhaps because it was the left side that was being blocked, as well as my desire for water (a symbol for human emotions), she may in some ways be exhibiting overcompensation for a lack of speaking truths about her feelings by verbally activating her logical/rational side.

Already when I was at the throat Chakra I was feeling a strange sort of drawing towards her heart but at the same time there was resistance there.  It’s hard to say if the barrier was protecting the heart, perhaps it was not ready to accept the Reiki, or perhaps it was directing me elsewhere because the heart did not need Reiki at that time.  I only stayed there briefly and my client also admitted that she felt some discomfort there but that even after I had moved my hands she still felt pressure there on her heart.

When it came to her 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Chakras I felt a strong flow of energy coming up from her feet and moving upward with such force that I almost could not distinguish between the three separate energy centers.  This was something I’ve never experienced before in particular except that it reminded me of the awakening of Prana energy that I’ve experienced through Kundalini Yoga; but the intensity of her energy in general was quite surprising to me considering it was her first time having Reiki.  I did acknowledge though that she does yoga frequently and had done some a few hours before our session, in addition we had several intense conversations concerning various topics regarding spiritual experiences so all of these things may have contributed to her openness during the session as well.

Finally, after all of this intensity, I got down to her feet and felt the most serene and relaxing sensation there.  In most cases I either feel a lot of energy flowing out of the persons feet and then through my body OR I feel a strong pulling sensation as if they are sucking up the Chi energy from around them through the bottoms of their feet.  In this case however, it was this amazing sensation of lightness and floating, I was so relaxed that I thought I might actually fall asleep.  Interestingly enough, she was able to validate all of the experiences I was having by recounting very similar visions and sensations throughout the session.  At the very end she said that she felt as if she was levitating, hovering just slightly above the surface of the bed in a state of total relaxation.


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