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I just returned from an amazing trip to Glastonbury, England for my Advanced Reiki Training / Reiki Master Teacher Certification and I also just joined the Reiki Membership Association!


One of the most exciting things about this training is that I received Usui / Holy Fire Reiki which is an entirely new development in Reiki Healing and has only been taught by William Lee Rand since January 2014.  I am so thrilled to be a part of this new wave of energy and I look forward to sharing it with all of my clients now that I am back in the states.

There have already been marked differences in people’s experiences of Reiki now that I’m using Holy Fire and I look forward to teaching levels I, II, and ART/Reiki Master classes with Holy Fire too.


I will write more about my own experience with Holy Fire soon but for the time being, here is a link to the International Center for Reiki Training where William Lee Rand has written some information about this new development and what makes it so different from the original Usui system.


Also, here is a link to the Reiki Membership Association website, which is also run by the International Center for Reiki Training:

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