Fire and Ice

fire and ice


I have a client who I recently did a yoga class with and, after I finished my instruction, I had her lay in Savasana so that I could walk her through a body-scan meditation.  Once the meditation was complete I asked her to continue laying comfortably and I began the Reiki session from there.

On this day there were no physical ailments that we were aware of so I began scanning her body for energetic “bumps” and blockages.   When I reached her heart-center (4th Chakra) I was urged to stay there for some time and I saw a beautiful emerald-green color filling up the space behind my eyes.

Just when the color had faded back to blackness, just before I began to move down towards her abdomen, I saw a star.  It was small and bright and it hovered above and slightly to the side of my left wrist.  I felt a strong and nourishing feminine presence as I gazed into this star and when I mentioned it to her later she said she thought it might belong to the spirit of an older woman who she had been very close with before her passing.



After sensing into the star that was there around her heart for a few moments, I moved down to her solar plexus (3rd Chakra) where a warm yellow light began to swell.  It was as if that star had grown so close in my view that it was now as big as the sun, shining brightly and lighting up the room.  As I stayed here, she said that she felt warmth coming from my hands and I was feeling it too as I received the following intuitive message for her:

“You need to exercise your will power towards trusting more in yourself and trusting in the good orderly direction of the universe.  This will help to reduce your mental-emotional stress.  Don’t let other people’s worries get you all worked up about the future, you are perfectly capable of balancing logic and intuition as you go along.  Instead of worrying, watch for signs and other information to help direct you in your choices and remind yourself that all of the decisions you need to make will come to you in due time.”

She said this “made a lot of sense” at the time and when I had finished my session and we were sharing about our sensory experiences she said she was still feeling the warmth over her solar plexus as if my hands were still right there.




At our next session she had recently injured her knee and was feeling some swelling and bruising coming up.  We didn’t have much time so I decided to move straight to her knee once we had started.  I was noticing a sensation of cool air swirling beneath my palms as they hovered above her skin and she said, “your hands feel like an ice pack covering my whole knee”.   A few moments later she also said that her knee was throbbing, not so much in  a painful way, but just as if she could feel the healing energy coursing through the entire area.

Since we hadn’t been able to do a full session when I saw her, I messaged her later that evening to say that I would be sending her some distance Reiki during my meditation before I went to sleep.  When I woke up the next morning I noticed that she had responded to my message immediately to say that she had felt a “wave of calm relaxation and relief” as soon as I began my meditation.




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