Cherry Chapstick


One of my clients is a young professional who I have developed a strong spiritual and personal connection with over time.  Before one of our first Reiki sessions she had expressed some concern to me about a pain which seems to originate in her right hip and also flares up in her right elbow and forearm.  I was definitely drawn to these two places during our session but even more so I was guided quite rapidly toward her right shoulder.  In many cases I do not feel the need to touch at all but rather prefer to keep my hands a few inches away from the different areas of the body that need healing so as not to cause too much sensation to flow from my hands into my clients awareness.  However this client specifically said that she preferred to be touched and so I was not surprised that when it came to her shoulder I felt an urgent need to apply some additional pressure with my hands and then was further drawn to place one hand beneath her shoulder and one hand on top, as if to fully surround and comfort this joint.  I was also guided to use two of my Reiki symbols here and to draw them directly on her body rather than on the palms of my own hands which is something I have not experienced before.

At this point I received the following intuitive message as a gentle stream of tears came down from my eyes,

“This shoulder needs help in the form of rest and true relief from the burden that it bears, for it carries the weight of everything you do.  Not only physically but also emotionally.  It is as if all of the tears you have never allowed yourself to cry are stored right here and are weighing you down on an emotional, spiritual, and energetic level and that this weight is what creates the physical ailments that occur all along your left side.”

This message  touched her profoundly when I shared it with her and she agreed that it needed to be addressed on an emotional level.

After this I was drawn downward towards her root chakra which rests at the base of our trunk in between our hips.  I saw a lot of red here, which is appropriate for that chakra, but then was overcome with the scent of cherry chapstick –and I could even taste it in my mouth!   I felt somewhat embarrassed and bewildered by this seemingly irrelevant sensory experience but as I let go of my judgments and continued with the healing process I received another message.  This time the message was meant to urge her away from shame and guilt, to take ownership of her own truest sense of self and to find ways to be more grounded in her own body rather than to fight against herself in order to become what she thinks she ought to be.

I (quite apprehensively) posed the question of whether or not she had any special connection to the smell or taste of cherry chapstick and we both laughed when she admitted that she had always been a bit “obsessed” with applying it to her lips and had even been reprimanded for eating it when she was a small child.

When I relayed the message that I had received along with the chapstick experience she agreed once again and admitted that when it comes to dealing with her chronic pain she often behaves as if she were at war between her mind and her body.  She strongly believes that it is emotionally driven pain and that there is truth in the power of mind over matter but she recognizes that she must find a way to approach that battle with more self-compassion if she wants to truly relieve herself of those physical ailments.

We all must learn to find a balance between our various parts, including our rational – logical aspect of self and our emotional – energetic self.

Part of what makes us human is the fact that our whole self is greater than the sum of its parts, we must find synergy within before we can expect to function as a whole being.

Root Chakra:
I am grounded.  I am safe.  I am connected.  I am whole.


And as somewhat of a disclaimer…

Part of what I want to do here with these stories is to give people a clearer idea about what happens when we do Reiki; what kinds of experiences people have and how much those experiences vary, not only from person to person but also from one session to the next.  It’s important that we don’t go into a session with any specific expectations, and that we take all of the stories we hear with a grain of salt.  Just because one person had a certain experience that we think we really want (or don’t want) to have as well doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the experience that we need or that it is the one that we will have for ourselves.  In all cases, the energy body of the person who is receiving knows what is needed for stress relief and healing of that person on that particular day and that is what determines the kind of experience they will have.

That being said….

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