White and Colored Lights

Part of what I want to do here with these stories is to give people a clearer idea about what happens when we do Reiki; what kinds of experiences people have and how much those experiences vary, not only from person to person but also from one session to the next.  It’s important that we don’t go into a session with any specific expectations, and that we take all of the stories we hear with a grain of salt.  Just because one person had a certain experience that we think we want to have also doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the experience that we need or that it is the one that we will have for ourselves.  In all cases, the energy body of the person who is receiving knows what is needed for stress relief and healing of that person on that particular day and that is what determines the kind of experience they will have.

That being said….

People often ask me how I do it, what it feels like, or how I know where I need to send the energy into the receivers body.  The reality is that I have been attuned to Reiki energy so that I serve mostly as a channel for it to do its own work.  And then, in addition to that, I have been trained toward a higher level of sensitivity toward energy, both in terms of my own as well as my clients’ energy and that of our immediate environment.   To be honest, my experience of giving Reiki is often just as varied as for those who receive it.  Sometimes I see colors which guide me through my process, other times I have sensations in my own body, and sometimes my hands can feel certain blockages or bumps in energy fields.  Sometimes myself or the receiver gets a cold sensation where I am touching (or nearly touching) their body and sometimes it is a warm sensation instead, sometimes they feel mild pressure, waves or vibrations of  energy, or absolutely nothing except for peaceful stillness.    In many cases I get different combinations of all of these things throughout a session and I enjoy discussing these experiences with my clients once the session is completed so long as they are open to it.  In some cases I receive intuitive information from different areas of the energy body that I feel may be of interest or value to the receiver and in that case I try to relay these messages to the best of my ability.

I have one client who, after her very first Reiki treatment, said that she experienced a flash of white light when I first started working and that that was basically it aside from a very relaxed feeling throughout the session.  She said that it sort of startled her at first because she had never seen anything like that before and that it actually happened again a couple of times over the next few days after our session and she wasn’t sure what it meant.  I told her that while I can’t say for sure either about what it means, if anything at all, I could say that in my experience of learning about Chakras and the energy of different colors, a white light can definitely be a source of healing and/or connection with the divine aspect of self so it was certainly not something to be worried about unless it was accompanied by pain or discomfort.

During the debriefing conversation after her second healing session she said,
I experienced a very white light in the beginning – very bright.  It felt uplifting.  As the treatment went on I began to see other colors – the most striking was the fuchsia and then waves of green.    And again in the days following I would get these flashes of white light and it felt good and sort of uplifting – I don’t know how to explain it- not like a burst of energy but calming and uplifting at the same time.”

We went on to discuss a little bit about how different colors relate to different aspects of our energy body and how those colors may have related to the sort of healing that she needed at that time.   I also told her that sometimes during Energy Healing, our bodies aren’t able to absorb all of the healing that we are receiving at that moment, so it can carry on over the course of the following week or so as we continue to benefit from our session.  It is possible that this could account for the flashes of white light that she had experienced again a few days after her sessions.

In my own experience during these two treatments, I had also seen the flash of white light at the beginning of both sessions and I saw waves of pink and green as well some other colors and sensations here and there.  My experiences are not always so directly correlated with that of the receiver, however it is certainly not uncommon either.

I am always curious about what sorts of things other people are seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling, even tasting during Reiki sessions, regardless of whether they are giving or receiving.  So please feel free to share with me on here or privately, you can e-mail me at goodcommon@gmail.com

I’ve got an interesting story about a session where I was smelling and tasting cherry chapstick (which I was not wearing!!) at a certain point during a session and how that related to the receiver’s own personal experience as well.

More to come!  !  !


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