Reiki Stories – At the Dentist!

I want to start using this blog as a space to share stories about Reiki.

Not only my own stories but also the ones that I hear from others along the way.
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Here’s a two-fold good one to get us started…


I recently went to the dentist to get four cavities filled, one in each of my wisdom teeth.  Before he started, the dentist asked me if I wanted to go ahead and get the shot to numb my gums or if I wanted to see if I really needed it first.  Needles, especially injected into my mouth, are definitely something that if I prefer to avoid if possible so I said I’d just see if I could do without it first.

I immediately began performing Reiki on myself and I wished that I could get my hand onto my jaw or chin but of course I knew that they would be in his way so I had to improvise a little bit.  I was aware that no matter where we send the Reiki Energy into the body, the internal healing mechanisms will automatically reroute the healing power to where it needs to go, but I still felt the need to channel it directly into my mouth since I was so presently aware of it as the focal point for healing at the time.  I decided to send the Reiki inward from my hands which were resting on my belly, i angled them upward toward my face and proposed the intention that the Reiki would not only flow upward to my chin from there, but also through my dentists hands as he continued his own work.

He kept on stopping to check on me and I became increasingly astonished by my complete lack of any pain at all.

“How are you doing, Caroline?”
“Oh, I’m fine, really.  Surprisingly fine.”
“Yes, I see that you’re smiling.  I’m glad that you aren’t in pain, I suppose its more just a bit of discomfort?”
“No.  I mean, its not pleasant what I’m feeling, but its more just like an awkwardness that you’re hands are all up in my mouth.  The only thing that’s feeling a bit sore is having to hold my jaw open so wide for so long.”

This conversation went over several times until we were finally onto the fourth filling and I was laughing a little bit whenever he would pause.  He and his assistant were starting to make fun of me, saying that they had never had anyone who actually giggled during a filling.  I felt like I had to say something so they didn’t just think I was nuts, or completely masochistic.
“Well, I’m laughing because I was really scared coming here, and now I’m just getting a really good chance to practice.”
“Practice?  What are you practicing?”
“Well, to keep it simple, I guess you could say that I’m meditating.  But mostly I’m practicing Reiki which is an Energy Healing technique.  I’m happy because it’s really helping me, I’ve never had the chance to practice in real-time like this, usually its been more after-the-fact.”

The nurse didn’t know what I was talking about at all, but the dentist had actually experienced it before because he had suffered from chronic lower back pain in the past and Reiki was one of the alternative treatments that had been really helpful for him.  (And this is where my story gets REALLY good.) He went on to say the following,

“The woman who gave me my Reiki treatment actually had a really interesting tale about it.  When her daughter was quite young she became extremely ill with cancer and there was nothing that the doctors could do to help her.  She was only 8 or 9 years-old and the doctors were telling her mom that her cancer was terminal and they recommended that she go on to explore any complimentary therapies that were of interest to her.  The woman heard about Reiki and when her daughter responded positively to it initially, she decided that she herself wanted to be trained in the practice so that she could offer it to her daughter in the comfort of their own home.  After many months of pain and trauma, her daughter began to improve and her cancer actually went into complete remission and thus far has never come back.  The only thing that this woman could attribute this to was the Reiki and so the woman left her previous career and devoted her entire life to her Reiki Practice, in particular she volunteers as a Reiki Healer in children’s hospitals now.”


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