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Caroline is a Level II Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner who offers a relaxing and meditative Energy Healing Treatment at The New Dawn Foundation which is located in New Rochelle, NY.  Reiki Therapy involves several hand positions around the surface of the receiver’s body with very-light or no touching necessary.  According to the specific preferences of each client, Caroline incorporates the use of gently scented oils or incense and Tibetan Buddhist singing bowls to promote relaxation, as well as candlelight and silent prayers to invoke the help of Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides as an aide to the stress-relieving and soul-rejuvenating experience which she provides.

In Japanese, “Rei” means Higher Power and “Ki” is the word for life-force energy.  This life-force energy is what already exists both inside and all around our material bodies as well as within everything else on our planet.  It gives us life.  It also governs our natural internal process for self-healing and maintaining homeostasis within our various biological systems.  The spiritual and energetic flow that is channeled through Caroline’s hands via her connection with this higher power is simply encouraging and amplifying these natural self-healing processes which are already present inside the receiver’s body, but may otherwise be hindered by various blockages which we would call stress or disease.

Reiki Energy Therapy does not guarantee any sort of miraculous healing of serious ailments, however, most people are surprised by the ways in which it makes them feel calmer and healthier as it works to clear mental, emotional, and physical blockages within the body according to the receivers particular needs.  Caroline enjoys providing her services for  people of all ages, cultural / ethnic backgrounds, and religious (or non-religious) affiliations as well as for infants and animals.  She is also happy to make home or hospital visits for clients who can not make it to the healing center.  Due to the fact that this life-force energy already exists all around and within each and every person on earth, distance healing is also made possible for clients who are unable to be physically present.

For more information or to set up an appointment Caroline may be contact at the following email address:

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